Cleaning in Autumn

Autumn has brought along the changing leaves and with it, we are taking a look at our spring cleaning list and adding in some seasonal extras in order to prepare for the winter.

Pinnacle Cleaning are sharing a checklist to help you with your autumnal cleaning habits!

Inside your house

Wash the windows: Using a glass cleaner or one squirt of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle with water, then wiping down using a microfiber cloth. Do this on a cloudy day which will allow you to see the streaks clearer.

Vacuum away the dust: From cotton, canvas, and treated fabric blinds. Do this on a low setting with a brush attachment. Vinyl sheds can be wiped down using a damp microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the walls: It may be a task you want to avoid but leaving them will be worse in the long run. First you will want to dust your walls, then wash, rinse, and dry painted and wood-paneled walls.

Tackle kitchen cupboards: Empty your kitchen cupboards, wash them down and proceed to declutter then reorganise.

Cleaning carpets: Have your carpets cleaned professionally if needed.

Check your wooden floors: Check if your wooden floors have any scratch or scuff marks on them, and enlist professional help.

Test your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Replace furnace filter: Do this if you haven’t already done so within the past three months.

How to Conduct a Fast House Clean

Sometimes, there are days when an unsuspecting visitor will come knocking to your door and you haven’t had time in the day to clean your household.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can resolve this problem with only 5 items, getting your house visit-friendly in no time!

What you’ll need:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Laundry basket
  • Shopping bag
  • Sponges or paper towels
  • Toilet brush

If you have kids about, put them on toy duty and ask them to take them to their rooms! Use this time to plug an air freshener in, or even light a candle – set the mood for your cleaning venture, and even decorating the home for your guests somewhat.

Rather than running up and down and around the house, cleaning every nook and cranny, focus your attention on the main rooms your visitors are likely to enter: living room, kitchen, bathroom. In each of the rooms set aside time to work on the clutter – throw as much clutter into it as you can as you work your way through these three main rooms, set this bag aside to tend to it later.

You can then move all of your dirty dishes into the dishwasher or to your oven, don’t bother wasting your time washing all of the dishes; instead, hide them, and then wipe down the counters.

Next, you will want to take a basket or an empty shopping bag to your bathroom(s) and gather up anything that doesn’t necessarily need to be in the bathroom – any lipsticks, discarded magazines, empty toilet roll tubes, hairspray bottles and even his toothbrushes. Flush your toilet and give it a good scrub with the toilet brush. Proceed to wipe down your sink.

If you have any spare time, vacuum the rooms. Not only does this take care of any dirt, but a freshly vacuumed floor will make a room look and feel cleaner.

Or, you could contact Pinnacle to take care of the job!

Ridding Your Office from Germs This Winter

Nearly all businesses can face a number of challenges during this time of the year. 

Britain’s unpredictable weather will make it difficult to predict whether employees will be showing up to work – these are likely to rise throughout the winter months what with the escalation of the common cold circulating.

Particularly harsh winters will see staff sickness rise and this ultimately is unavoidable.

It is particularly important to understand that offices are a breeding ground for germs and should have appropriate measures taken to prevent coughs and cold spreading.

A way of preventing the spread of these germs could be as simple as increasing the awareness within your office. Putting up informative noticies around the office will reinforce the importance of reducing the risks of spreading germs across your workforce. This could also be reinforced through the encouragement of antibacterial products on desks and their use.

Decluttering your desk

Ensuring that your desk space is free of clutter and the computers and keyboards are cleaned properly contributes to the overall cleanliness of an office – not to mention it also keeps germs and bacteria at bay.

This is the time of the year where it is smart to invest in a professional cleaning company to ensure quality cleaning and keep your office spic and spam throughout the winter months!

8 Tips for a Clean and Green Office

Keeping your office clean can seem like a bit of a chore.

It may seem impossible to work around cleaning your office correctly and doing it greenly, however, we have provided you with 8 tips to help you achieve a clean and green office.

  1. Avoid air fresheners and fabric protection sprays as they contain chemicals that have been linked to causing reproductive problems.
  2. Try to avoid choosing carpet for your flooring when opening a new facility. If you do have carpet, stay away from carpet cleaners and stain-resistant treatments that expose your office to chemicals – opt for a steam cleaner instead.
  3. Be cautious of old furniture, as it could be a fire retardant that breaks down into dangerous metabolites linked to cancer.
  4. For any DIY project, there are many standard household items that you can use to clean surfaces and handle tough odors, including lemon, vinegar, baking powder and more.
  5. Avoid using cleaning chemicals that include the following ingredients in them: phthalates, formaldehyde, and ‘chemical surfactants.’
  6. Make sure your internal and/or external cleaning team has the resources to check the air quality in your indoor space, such as checking HVAC systems.
  7. Establish a cleaning policy with all of your employees in the office by educating them about the damaging effects of cleaning products etc.
  8. Hire an office cleaning company that works safely and offers facility maintenance. A professional cleaning company will work with you to understand your specific needs.

10 Tips to Keep Your Office Space Clean

office cleaning tipsMaintaining a clean workspace means a healthy environment for your employees and a presentable establishment for clients. Avoid germ buildup and dirty spaces with these simple tips to keep your office space clean.

Desk Duty

All the hustle and bustle of a busy workday usually leads to a cluttered desk. Take some time at the end of your day to clean your desk area. Straighten out office documents and throw excess papers, food wrappers and other trash away.

Avoid Food Messes

When work gets busy, it’s easier to stay at your desk and have lunch while typing away on your computer. Eating at your desk, however, guarantees a messy workspace as crumbs and even liquids fall into the crevices of your keyboard or stick to the desktop. Over time, stains become harder to remove and bacteria begins to accumulate.

Kill the Germs

If eating at your desk is your thing, then make sure to maintain a healthy work environment. Dust and other particles accumulate overtime. Wipe those germs away at least once a week with a quick wipe down of your desktop with a multi-purpose cleaner.

Antibacterial is Your Best Friend

Germs spread fast in any environment. You’ll want to keep hand sanitizers in stock and easily available to avoid the spread of germs. The last thing you want is for the entire office to come down with a stomach bug, flu or cold.

Group Effort at Play

Break rooms or common areas should be cleaned regularly to avoid germ buildup. As a place where all workers spend time, don’t shy away from maintaining this area. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink, throw out old takeout from the refrigerator and sanitize the countertops.

Trash Duty

If your office doesn’t have a daily janitorial service, make sure to empty your trash every night or every other night so bacteria and odor don’t become a problem. Make this a group effort. Designate a different work associate to take care of the trash on certain days.